How can Telesource offer consulting and brokerage services for free?
Our carriers pay us a small residual commission on the services our clients purchase through us. Our vendors pay us to help you find the right services for your business.

How can Telesource negotiate technology services cheaper than I can get direct from vendors?

Volume – by purchasing through us, you can leverage the group purchasing power of buying through a broker.

Selection – we are constantly shopping the market so we can bring the most cost effective vendors to the table. Many businesses pay too much simply because they do not know which vendors to do business with.

Competitive Bidding – vendors will compete for your business resulting in cheaper prices (we help facilitate this process).

Indirect Sales – by design, brokers can get the best pricing. Vendors absolutely love broker business because it is much less expensive to acquire customers through this channel. Vendors typically spend huge sums of money on Super Bowl commercials and pay base salaries, benefits and hefty commissions to direct sales staff. By you purchasing through Telesource, the vendor saves money and shares this savings with you. By design, this further incentivizes agents like us to bring the vendor business by providing a competitive edge over the direct sales channel.

Can my IT staff negotiate rates and contracts with the same leverage through Telesource?
Your IT and procurement staff can negotiate directly with our vendors sales reps to evaluate the offerings and negotiate pricing and contract terms. Your business can achieve the same or better pricing and terms through the indirect channel vs. the direct sales channel.

Can I trust Telesource recommendations to be unbiased?
The short answer is yes. Why?

Consistent Commissions – vendors compete for our business and they do so through the commission rates they offer on their services. This results in consistent, competitive commissions across vendors. We appreciate this because it makes it easier to remain objective when assisting our clients.

Residual Commissions – our revenue model relies on long term, residual commissions. To be successful, our business must build long term relationships with our clients. We do this by providing well supported, high quality and cost effective solutions to our clients. In our business, trust is far more important than a percentage point here or there.

Large Vendor Pool – we shop the market for the best solutions and establish relationships with the top providers. Our goal is to be able to represent every quality vendor worth considering.

Job Satisfaction – we take pride in our work and want to provide the best for our clients. We believe success will follow quality service and value.

Community Values – we support a number of non-profit organizations working with limited budgets. We take great pride in being able to give back to our community by helping these organizations leverage technology and earn recurring commissions. With referral relationships, especially in the non-profit community, comes the responsibility to hold to the highest standards of integrity.

Is Telesource a reseller? Who does my organization pay for services?
Telesource is not a reseller. Telesource works as a broker/agent and simply works to help you shop for services. All contracts, payments, service, and support will be handled directly by you and your selected vendors.

Who supports services my business purchases through Telesource?
Your selected vendors will provision, maintain and support your services. Telesource can be available to help escalate support issues as needed.

How is it possible for my business to support non-profits without it costing us anything?
Telesource earns residual sales commissions on services your organizations purchases through us and our vendors pay us this commission for as long as you use their services. We simply share 30% of our commissions to the referring non-profit effectively redirecting a portion (typically 3-5%) of your monthly bill to the non-profit.

Supporting a non-profit does not increase the cost for your services (see question 2 above).

What happens if our business wants to purchase from a vendor that is not a Telesource vendor?
If you have identified a vendor to purchase from that we do not currently have a relationship with, we are open to establishing a relationship with the vendor assuming the vendor offers an agent/referral program.

Does Telesource support residential services?
Generally no, our vendors typically do not pay commissions on residential services. Our focus is supporting business customers.

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